Trendy or Popular (Which are you?)

Are you Popular or Trendy?


Did you know that there was a difference?


I bet you thinking they both are the same; adjectives and have the same meaning.


Although both words can be used as an adjectives only one is a noun.

You COULD be considered as trendy too; trendy is slang for being in accordance with the latest trend, fashion or hype.

Popular can only be used as a description; and the described as common among the general public, generally accepted.

Now don't get me wrong some trends are popular right now like prints and bold/neon colors. To be TRENDY it’s all about how you ROCK IT! Trends are not to be rocked the same exact way unless you want to common and generally accepted. If that is the case continue to buy the same trends from the popular sites/stores.


You can be TRENDY and buy the popular trends from other sites/stores that are not so common, and make you OWN STATEMENT. Be your AUTHENTIC self and not a REPLICA! 

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